Investment Strategy

Types of Real Estate

Office Buildings

Multi-tenant and single tenant office buildings located in suburban areas or tertiary cities where the principals of smaller, successful companies (as well as investment grade companies) may set up satellite offices or seek to reduce executive commuting time are core assets in Red Pine’s portfolio.

NNN Leased Real Estate

Single tenant or multi-tenant real estate that has little, if any, management responsibility is a favored asset of 1031 and tenant-in-common investors seeking a diverse portfolio of assets with attractive cap rates. Red Pine has sponsored several such tenant-in-common investments and disposed of numerous NNN leased assets.

Public Storage Facilities

Red Pine is active in the public storage arena. Public storage is often an overlooked asset class which has the attractive features of minimal construction costs, stable cash flows and personal property collateral. Red Pine is capitalizing on the continued consumer class trend of moving into smaller residences in highly populated areas.

Multifamily Projects and Student Housing

Red Pine seeks multi-family assets located around educational centers, as the cost of outdated on-campus housing continues to rise at many public and private universities and lease guaranties are often required of parents with strong balance sheets and above average credit scores. Such multifamily assets are a growing asset class in Red Pine’s portfolio.

Office Condominiums

Red Pine seeks to capitalize on the sale of office condominiums to investors, small businesses and not-for-profit organizations who seek such investments as an alternative to rental office space and benefit from capital appreciation while enjoying an exemption from real property taxes. Red Pine has also exited its investments by selling office condominiums to tenants-in-common and investors seeking to avail themselves of a “like-kind” exchange pursuant to Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code.

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